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Nic Rixon
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Nic Rixon
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About the Author
Personal Development guru, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Trainer and renowned Platform Speaker, Nic Rixon is in much demand throughout Europe by individuals and businesses looking to get the best out of their people.

Married to Linda. With two grown-up children, Nic lives in Madrid in a unique house of his own design. Having built a number of successful businesses in Manufacturing, Design and Coaching, he is one of the founding partners of leading business coaching firm, Shirlaws UK and the CEO of NavitasIP. Family man, businessman and coach, he is following his mission of "achieving his goals by helping other people achieve theirs". Nic has truly "designed his life".

About the Book
Design Your Life is a personal, development manual, workbook and a manual for life, as well as a gripping read. Design Your Life is not an autobiography, but draws on some of the life lessons Nic has learned, to help his readers achieve their own goals. Nic has developed a system based on "The Wheel" to help you achieve whatever you want: in your personal life, career, business, relationships, health and fitness - whatever is important to you.

Working through the book, you will identify the aspects of your life that are of most importance to you, identify your goals, create a plan to achieve them and find inspiration and support in carrying them out. Design Your Life may be the most important book you ever read. Don't delay. Order your copy now!